Methanol and Ferric Chloride Dosing Units Print

Service of membrane pump dosing units for methanol and ferric chloride at the waste water treatment plant Lemgo.

This year we carried out service and maintenance work on three dosing units at the waste water treatment plant in Lemgo.

Because the dosing units were not originally manufactured by P&P, we started by carrying out a stock-check in agreement with our customer, in order to determine the necessary service outlay and costs for the required replacement and spare parts. The methanol dosing unit with four membrane dosing pumps serves to concentrate a carbon source in the de-nitrification process. The complete unit and system is in an EX classified zone. Both the ferric chloride dosing units (three, resp. four membrane dosing pumps) serve to eliminate phosphor in the influent flow of the waste water treatment plant and ahead of the filtration unit.

The replacement and spare parts were brought to site by our service technicians. The necessary maintenance work was carried out quickly and with as little disturbance to the daily operation of the plant and our customer was very pleased with the service and maintenance work. Following all this, a complete maintenance report was drawn up and handed over.