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In 1997, P&P Dosiertechnik GmbH was founded in Voerde by the partners and present-day managing directors of the company Ralf Peters and Markus Peters.

Only 3 years later, the head office moved to Alpen on the Lower Rhine and began to expand and extend.

The original two-men business increased to a medium-sized company which is very aware of its familiar and team-orientated character which P&P managed to keep up until today.

At present, P&P employs a team of 17 people on an office and production surface of approximately 1500 m². The company has been experiencing a continuous and sound growth for many years now, while manufacturing and distributing highly-innovative technology.

P&P offers modern engineering and manufacturing workplaces.

Our highly qualified employees ensure the planning and manufacture of reliable, customised and market-orientated products and system.

Our own quality requirements ensure reproducible and high standards.